We are BACK!

The last month has been a busy one at the Kessenich household. We spent a week in Whistler with my husbands entire family – that included 12 adults and 2 babies under 1. Then there was a trip to Cabo, Easter and Grace’s FIRST birthday (with of course a first birthday photo shoot and cake smash). Needless to say I am way behind on my post due to a very busy month.

Here are some of the pictures from the past month.




Grace’s favorite birthday present…her KicKee Pants Footie Pajamas…mostly because each pair has 3 or 4 tags attached and she loved playing with them! If only all present shopping was this easy. I just need to look for the items with the most tags and buy it!

Items from above:

Birthday Girl Bloomers

I Play Sun Hat

i play swim diaper and Honest Company Swim Diaper

Sherpa Baby Hat

Sherpa Baby Booties

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