Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

I must admit, I have a secret obsession with Extreme Couponing…the one problem…most of the items that have coupons are processed foods I don’t buy often. Ok there are some more problems…such as I noticed that since having my daughter I sneak to the store whenever I can…often forgetting my coupons and I just do not have the time to search for and clip coupons like I use to.

Luckily I just found two apps that have solved most of these problems for me.

The first one is Ibotta. For this app you complete small tasks such as watching a very short video or answering a poll question to unlock your coupons. Then, you take a picture of your receipt and money is added to your account (which will be transferred to your paypal account). It is so simple and best of all you can complete the task after you go shopping (since I always forget before going to the grocery store…it just needs to be in the allotted time frame) and fruits/vegetables have coupons as well.

Checkout51 is another one. I don’t see as many fresh fruits and vegetables on this one but there have been a few. This one again you are just required to take a picture of your receipt and you will be paid cash into your paypal account.


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