Baby Omelet Sticks


Now the Grace is older she LOVES to feed herself and of course be able to throw her food EVERYWHERE! I try to prepare most of her food on the weekend and freeze it or have her eat what we are eating but that does not always work. I prefer spicy food and we have a lot of salads for dinner that are not always baby friendly. This is my go to QUICK meal – and it is delicious!

Best of all both eggs and quinoa are great sources of protein and you can include lots of vegetables for your little one.

What you need:

– 3 egg yolks or 2 whole eggs

– 1 Tablespoon milk or water

– 1/4 cup Quinoa

– 1/4 cup frozen broccoli – defrosted and finely chopped (you can use any fresh vegetable too, but I always have frozen broccoli  on hand so it make this recipe very easy)

What to do:

1. Whisk eggs and milk/water in a bowel until mixed

2. Pour egg in a 9 inch skillet pan so a thin layer covers the bottom of the entire pan

3. Sprinkle quinoa and broccoli in to the egg mixture

4. When the egg is cooked on the bottom flip the entire thing over to cook the other side (since it is so thin it only takes about 1 minute on each side)

5. Cut into strips and serve (you can also top with some shredded cheese and serve with fruit to include all food groups)

Plate: Boon Plate Edgeless Nonskid Plate

Highchair: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair – Tan Lattice

Bib (I am not using but should have been): BABYBJORN Soft Bib – These are the best to catch all the food she drops