Memorial Day Shopping

Normally this weekend would mark the first weekend our family would head to a lake. This year we didn’t head back to Wisconsin or a Texas lake…. instead we did a lot of shopping (very unusual for my husband).

Here are some of the great items that we found on sale for Memorial Day. Memorial Day

1. Ralph Lauren Dress

2. Gap Romper

3. Little Me Swim Suit ( I have posted this one before but I think it is so cute and now it is on sale – use code spring20 for an additional 20% off sale price and while you are there check out these cute PJs here and here).

4. Egg By Susan Lazar Dress

5. Old Navy Flower Jeggings – with the extra 30% off right now you can pick these up for under 7 dollars

6. Old Navy Mint Jeggings – If you cannot tell I love mint for this spring/summer and these are also under 7 dollars

7. Under Armour Capri Pants – How cute are work out clothes on little ones? Pick these up for under 12 dollars


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